War tore apart the city that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics — here's what the abandoned venues look like today

February 9, 2018

On February 8, the 2018 Winter Olympics will kick off in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The country has devoted over $1 billion toward building gleaming new stadiums and slopes.


For Olympic host cities, this kind of major investment is not unusual. But after the world’s TV sets tune out, some of these cities do not have the infrastructure for upkeep of the venues. In the case of Sarajevo, Bosnia, some Olympic sites were torn apart by war.


Kiss. Kiss. Bang.


That's pretty much the story of Sarajevo, once a flower of Olympic endeavor.


In 1984, the city in the former Yugoslavia, was hailed as the first Communist host of the Winter Olympics -- a glittering prize for the International Olympics Committee, which has long preached the gospel of gamesmanship without political boundaries.


Today, many of the former venues lie in ruin.


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