Vlasenica / Jasmin Hurić, the youngest victim to be buried in a collective funeral

April 23, 2017

Jasmin Hurić, was killed in Zvornik in 1992, the youngest victim who will now be buried in a collective funeral in Vlasenica.


He was only 16 years when he was killed in front of his father Hilmo . His remains were found in the mass grave Crni peak in 2014 . 


The whole family Hurić - father Hilmo, mother Šemsa, Jasmin (16), Esmir (3) and daughter Nevzeta (14) were detained in the camp. Shortly after the murder of his son Jasmin, Hilmo was transferred to the Batkovic concentration camp in Bijeljina that June.


Late last year, Hilmo donated personal belongings of his son to the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide in Sarajevo . There is a mouthpiece which is Hilmo made in the Batkovic concentration camp in Bijeljina, on which the names of his family, wife Šemsa, sons Jasmin (16) and Esmir (3) and daughter Nevzeta (14) along with the dates of their birth are engraved. 


Hilmo also donated three documents, Jasmin's travel documents and identity cards, the same papers exhumed with jasmin's remains.


In the liberation of the camp Batkovic, Hilmo learned that Golgotha ​​Susica camp survivors were his wife and daughter Nevzeta but that, in addition Jasmin's whose fate was known, he found that his youngest son Esmir was killed too. He was only three years. 


Midheta Šoljić , supervisor of the museum, recalled in an interview with AA that Hilmo Hurić with his wife and three minor children in 1992 was one of the detaines in Susica camp through which passed about 8,000 Bosniaks. The camp was run from May to the end of September 1992, a camp for Bosniaks northeast Bosnia.


"Before his eyes, they killed his 16-year-old son Jasmin. Inside the Museum is the mouthpiece which Hilmo made in Batkovic camp, where he spent 14 months. On it is written the names of members of his family. The museum also contains Jasmin's things," she told is Šoljić. 


Unfortunately, Jasmin never managed to go on working for the action which has submitted a travel request and for which he prepared. 


"He was killed and his younger brother of 3years was too. Jasmin was found and his remains were exhumed in 2014. They failed to find all of Jasmin's remains, only a few, but the family has decided to conduct a funeral," she explained Šoljić.


The Commemorative Center in Tuzla identified the remains of five victims; Bešir Čamdžić, Jasmin Hurić, Mersad Dautovic, Muradif (Rahman) Kolarevic and Jakup


(Rahman) Hrnjić.


The remains were exhumed from the mass grave site Kozluk in Zvornik, to date where 55 humans remains have been found, of which 15 out of the 40 skeletal remains are complete, the rest are incomplete. 


The collective funeral for the 5 victims, including Jasmin, was conducted at the Šehidski center in Vlasenica.


(source: RadioSarajevo)

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