April 15th, Day of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 15, 2017

April fifteenth is one of the most important dates in modern history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


On that day, Bosnia and Herzegovina officially created an Army formed out of seven corps, who, despite a much greater and far better armed enemy, managed to defend the country and its territorial sovereignty and integrity. 


On April 8th 1992, the presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared imminent war threat and established Main Staff of the Territorial Defense.


The Territorial Defense was a successor of former Territorial Defense of Socialistic Republic of BiH.


Day later on April 9th 1992, decided to unify all armed forces on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The Patriotic League, the Green Berets, Territorial Defense of BiH, Croatian Defense Council, Croatian Armed Forces and other groups willing to resist Serbian aggression were all placed under the command of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


On July 4th 1992, Territorial Defense, the Patriotic League, the Green Berets, Police forces, and various volunteer formations were placed into a single army and were officially called the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina



The seven Army Corps were based out Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar, Bihac, Konjic and Travnik.


Prominent generals and commanders who were head of the Army Corps included Sefer Halilovic, Rasim Delic, Jovan Divljak, Stjepan Siber, Mustafa Hajrulahovic, Atif Dudakovic, Ramiz Drekovic, Mustafa Polutak, Mehmed Alagic and others.


The supreme commander of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was the president, Alija Izetbegovic.  The Chief of Staff was General Rasim Delic.


The most common symbol of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina was the lilly.  The symbol of the Army was the same with addition of gold swords and military inscriptions. 

The highest award of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the "Golden Lilly."  


In the first days of the aggression against our country, members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina were almost without any equipment, but also the experience and the general preparedness for what was yet to come.


In the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina was significant percent of Croats, Serbs and others that considered Bosnia and Herzegovina as their homeland.


To all members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, past and present, and to all of you, we wish you a happy April 15th, Army Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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