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Muslims Make History in Iowa

After months of debating and campaigning, the first hint as to the outcome of the upcoming Presidential played out Monday night at the Iowa caucus. Voters across Iowa gathered at over 1700 locations to discuss and vote for a candidate who will represent the Democratic Party in 2020 United States presidential elections. 

This year, for the first time in Iowas history, mosques across the Des Moines metro served as satellite caucus sites, where hundreds of Bosnian-American voters gathered to cast their vote. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden were the most popular candidates within Bosnian community. 

This gave a chance to many community members to vote for their first time. Until this year, many of them were reluctant to go because of difficulties that arise with language barriers.

Muslims make up about 1 percent of Iowa's 3.1 million residents, according to Pew Research Center. But the community could prove to be vital for candidates in a race won in the past by extremely close margins.

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