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This membership program will be used for progress in the upcoming years of our organization.  The funds raised will be going towards general fund which will be used for future events and education.  Large part of the funds raised will be used towards scholarships as well as for humanitarian cases, including helping families in need in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as within the State of Iowa.​

Currently, all BAAI members are volunteers who donate their time and effort to educate the community about Bosnian and Herzegovinian history and culture.  It takes substantial amount of time to raise funds and organize and execute the events. With your help, our voices can be heard louder and further.

Members of our organization will be provided special perks;

  • Free or discounted entrances

  • Free apparel for our events

  • Participation in decision-making where collected funds will be used within our community

  • Participation in our events and programs

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